On February 22, 2020, Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia hosted a mentorship event to support applicants who want to apply for Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) for Intake 2021.

The event provided the opportunity for prospective AAS applicants to meet with Australia alumni. The participants and alumni were then matched as mentees and mentors through their mutual agreement. Through this mentorship, at a minimum a mentor will meet with his or her mentee(s) for two times to share personal experience, tips or comments on how to write a strong AAS application; a mentor will also support his or her mentee(s) with two times of application review. The formal mentorship relationship will end in June 2020.

After the event, 12 prospective AAS applicants, 11 of whom are women, were matched with 12 alumni.

AAA-C wishes all mentees and mentors a memorable journey together! And we wish all mentees best of luck with their applications!

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