AAA-C has over 700 members (past and present) from diverse professional backgrounds including public, private, and civil society sector joining together to create a large network of scholars and professionals to contribute to Cambodia's development and enhancing links between Cambodia and Australia.

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  • To foster networks among Cambodians who have studied in Australia
  • To be connected with opportunities related to business, professional partnership, and employment
  • To benefit individually and collectively from the experience gained in Australia
  • To keep on developing achieve your full professional potential after returning from Australia via various activities and professional development workshops led by the AAA-C

Simple Steps to Become a Member of the AAA-C:

  1.  Step1: Complete the online registration form in the link below.
  2.  Step2: Make a payment for the membership fee (annual membership is $15 USD, lifetime membership fee is $150 USD). The payment  can be made at:

ABA Bank Transfer option:

  • Account number: 002 671 633 Account Holders: Chhoeun Kongkea and Heng Sokgech         

AAA-C Bank Account (ACLEDA Bank)

  • Account Name: Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia, Account Number: 3483 02 923355 15    

AAA-C's Secretariat Office: ACE Toulkork Campus, #08, St. 600 corner St. 307, Boeng Kak II, Toulkork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is $15 USD and lifetime membership fee is $150 USD.

  • The annual membership fee is based on a calendar year (from January to December).
  • Membership becomes active upon submission of a membership form and payment of fee.

Membership Categories (based on the revised charter):

General Member: Cambodians who either have a minimum of one year’s study in Australia achieving a post-secondary qualification from a recognized Australian institution or receive a formal award qualification (i.e. Graduate Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters or PhD) after studying in Australia with a recognized Australian higher education body.

Associate Member: Cambodians who have completed or are pursuing degrees through transnational education programs from an Australian institution including its campuses outside Australia, pre-departure students and students currently in Australia. Cambodians or other nationals who are interested and supportive to the AAA-C through financial, professional, voluntary and advisory supports.

Honorary Member: Cambodians or other nationals who are prominent in Cambodian society and have developed and maintained a high level of interest and support to the AAA-C, and whom the Board wishes to recognize. Such Honorary Members are approved by the Board from time to time. Honorary Members are not required to pay the annual membership fee.

* Refer to AAA-C's charter regarding membership and termination of membership

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