Professional Development Series “High Performance Leadership: Setting examples, making impacts”

15 Nov, 2017

Professional Development Series is one of a successful event on our list. So here it comes another new series about leadership as the main scope of “High Performance Leadership: Setting examples, making impacts”.



Creating an opportunity for sharing and exchange of experience among fellow alumni is one of the missions of the Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia (AAA-C). With the fact that its members are professionals ranging from mid-level to the top of the field in leadership position and professions, AAA-C’s fellow alumni have a lot to learn from and to share with one another. Through survey results from many alumni members, leadership is one of the top themes suggested for professional development opportunity especially for younger alumni to enhance leadership insights and learn from their senior peers.

With that interest and seeing the importance of leadership experience sharing, AAA-C is organising a session of the Professional Development Series titled “High Performance Leadership: Setting examples, making impacts” with support of DFAT/Australia Global Alumni. This workshop will bring together alumni guest speakers who are in top leadership position of their institutions to exchange and share experience related to the topic.


  • to share and exchange leadership experience among alumni
  • to provide mentorship opportunity and advisory platform to those who wish to improve their professional leadership
  • to provide platform for dialogue among senior alumni and the younger ones
  • to provide opportunity for Australian Alumni to build and strengthen their networks, increase their knowledge, and develop professionally.

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